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Hi there,

Just bought a Toshiba Chromebook, this one in fact: TOSHIBA CB30-B-103 13.3" Chromebook 2 - Silver Deals | PC World

I am having trouble accessing a password protected Excel document. I download in from my Gmail which defaults to opening it in Google Sheets, which doesn't support password protected Excel documents. Fair enough, I've downloaded Excel Online. But when I try and open the document within there it will only open from MS One Drive, where the document doesn't live, instead of my Google Drive where it does.

If I right click to "Open with' within Chrome or Google Drive, the option to open with Excel Online doesn't come up. Third party apps that do come up don't support password protected Excel files either.

Seriously regretting going with Chromebook now.

TL;DR How do I open a password protected Excel document on my Gmail using free software on a Chromebook?

Many thanks,

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