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Hi everybody!

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As you can tell, I'm new to the forums.

I can't wait to get a Chromebook when they become available. This is the perfect kind of computer for me. I already do everything on the cloud and online. All my photos are on picasa, I do all of my homework in google docs, my scheduling is already handled with google calender, and I also use google voice and google talk almost every day. This machine is all I need. :D

I think that in time Chromebooks are going to really change how people think about personal computers.

Oops! I didn't see the sticky for introductions. Mods please move the thread.
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Hey Vs, welcome to the forum. I am just as excited to get a Chromebook. I agree that it is going to change how we all perceive computing! There are some who do not agree, but they will soon enough!
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