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How do older computer illiterates learn computing on Chrome OS?

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I got my mom a chromebox because there is no need to learn backups, updates, or virus scans. Now she wants to use a digital camera and create photo albums on Google+, but first she needs to learn the basics.

She has been using using email for over ten years, but still needs to learn how to navigate tabs, navigate a directory, select files, create an account, and other basics. She reads paper books, but does not comprehend too well when reading a sites online. There is a book called "Windows 7 for Seniors: For Senior Citizens Who Want to Start Using Computers". But there seems to be a lack of Chrome-learning material geared towards computer illiterates. Would she better off going back to Windows just so she can read the book? What would you recommend for my mom?

Thank you.
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I would have the opening page set to wherever her email is. In this way, when she opens the book she will be logged into the account, no muss, no fuss. The one thing I like about the book is that it is not an OS.....just a browser. I have purposely tested my book just to see if I could fubar it, and while I was able to lock up the browser, the simple fix was close it and reopen it and all was well. Instead of trying to teach a system, just make her understand that it is just a browser.
Same as above, with one exception, I would teach her what her email icon looks like, and put any apps she might ever use on her start page for her - she will quickly associate the icons to what apps they run and be able to navigate around different apps quickly and easily. This OS is the perfect OS for any beginner IMO as the learning curve is that of learning a few new pictures and what they do.

Then all she has to do is remember to "click Home" and she will always be right at her start page complete with all of her most used apps.
...EDIT and I just realized page two has posts from a year ago on it. Sorry for the ressurections of antiquity!
Actually this is quite useful. I'm over 50 as well and have been using Windows xp and Outlook for years. This *%@!! Chromebook isn't anything like it, and I'm considering returning it to the store. And papasmurf, you don't realize that us old folks aren't sure what a "browser" is, so there's no point telling us that the Chromebook is "just a browser".
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