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Purchased from Amazon.

Also I'm a 'Prime' member so I qualified for 2 day shipping but I spent a few $$s more to get 1 day shipping.

This is a new 'pc' in a house with 4 Macs and 2 WinXP systems and several HP200LXs. I'm still trying see what I'm going to be using this thing for once the newness wears off. I'm sure I won't be giving up the Macs and am even eyeing the new Mac Mini just announced with Lion.

I eventually want to use the Chromebook for online banking and such since it should be immune to installed malware. I still need good PWs and to avoid phishing but drive by downloads and email attachments should be impossible to get. (I hope, the bad guys have some real talent available; I hope Google can stay ahead of them.)

1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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