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How is the Acer Chromebook compared to the rest?

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I do not hear much about Acer even in the laptop circles but having this among the pioneer models maybe speaks a lot. What are the chances that these will be bought in large quantities?
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I've been reading reviews of netbooks for a while and Acer comes up a lot there, seems quite a positive response for the brand on the most part. If it's not too well known generally that could be a plus. New idea - new name, less risky maybe than a famous brand?
It is cheaper than Samsung and battery life that is 2 hours less than the Samsung.
Anyway to add another battery?

Really need 8 or more hours of battery life. Which one has the most, any idea?

I have an Acer netbook and have had to send it back for repair 3 times. The problem was overheating. Will the chromebook run any cooler?
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