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How long can a Chromebook last?

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Assuming all factors are kept constant, how long do you anticipate these devices would probably last? Is the battery for the different models long lasting too?
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I'm expecting to use mine as my primary portable computer for around 3 years. The keyboard is good quality and there are few other moving parts, so it should last ok.
I would assume a Chromebook would last a little bit longer than a regular laptop, because...I don't know. It just should! Like 4-5 years, maybe.
I anticipate people spending most of their time online and that means continued recharging of the batteries and at the end reduced life for it.

Three years could be such a short time.
I have used my current laptop in that manner and it has lasted me 4 years. I am assuming if you take care of it and use a cooling pad that it will last for at least that long.
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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