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How to Connect to TV

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Hi - I have an HDMI cable and a newish TV. When I hook up my Chromebook to the TV via the cable, what we see on the TV is the Chromebook desktop, but not the Chrome window I have open on the CB. I can see the Chrome window on the CB as well, which I have read will not be visible when the TV is actually displaying the CB properly.
Any ideas what step(s) I am missing?
Thanks in advance!
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Have you tried pressing cntl and f4 together?
Hmmm, must be an Acer Chromebook as my Samsung doesn't have any "F" keys???
tab totaly right below, you should see youre tv there, then you can switch.
Also fist hook up to hdmi then start youre chromebook
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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