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As we all know, Path of Exile is an old game. My first contact was in 2014. The awkward operation and rough interface made me not play it for a long time. At that time, there was D3 for the same type of game, and then I had free time. Intermittently, I didn't have a match, until this time, it was really in-depth to play in. It lasted for a month. The general evaluation is-very disappointed.

In ARPG circles, many people put D3 and POE together for discussion, and put GD and Torch together for discussion. This is true. In terms of content volume and gameplay, these works can indeed be divided into two Grade, this time I will only talk about POE currency. Before I got in-depth contact, I got the information about POE that there are multiple BDs, no occupational restrictions, free skill matching, etc., which are all relatively positive reviews. It seems that it is not that way. The most fundamental difference is that -POE is a thorough item charging. The evaluation buyout system and poe items charging should sometimes not be too binary. The method I distinguish is very simple. It is the core of this game. How did that part of KOL players form? Do they rely on time or money? Are there any obvious class barriers between the two? In short, whether "Spend money is always NB". Give a few examples that are not ARPG, DNF , I watched the online evaluation of the live broadcast of Baby Xu Xu. A set of equipment is 20W. No one commented on his good technology and creative gameplay, but he is well equipped; for Warcraft, we only need to spend money on time, and if the time is enough, you can become stronger. , Some people will say that there is a G group, then I would like to ask, when the stars first killed 0 Deng Yogg-Saron, was there a boss who lay corpses? No, the core is still a long time player; MHW, needless to say, if you have watched the video of playing the LV10 Cinder Blade with a cat, you will find that the game technology is more important than the equipment; Hearthstone is one of the two. To find a balanced game, the top players must spend money, but it also provides a path for free players, a path that allows them to grow up to the same path as the professional player’s deck and stand on the world championship podium. It can also be an arena perpetual motion machine; Star Warframe, its mode is similar to Hearthstone, the most disgusting point is that out-of-print P armor can only be purchased for money, and it is impossible to brush it.

Looking back at POE, it is an out-and-out fee-for-props game. I am not saying that the charging of props is not good, but that he did not balance the game experience and the charging point. In fact, many props have a common problem. The entry is very friendly and the growth is very smooth. In the later stage, every move will consume resources. I was before this game. I had a certain degree of psychological preparation, but it turned out that instead of jumping out of this routine, it has more restrictions. For example, one of my noble knife formations encountered an embarrassing situation after the main line was cleared. I wanted to upgrade the equipment to enhance the BD. , I’m sorry, the equipment has to be bought with money, and the core components are expensive; I use 90+ summons to buy, I’m sorry, the drop rate is touching, the equipment you brushed out can’t be sold in the market; I’ll change it. I change the route to play COC or create my own BD. I’m sorry, it costs RMB to wash the talent; well, I pick up the yellow outfit and pile the attributes, sorry, the yellow outfit needs to be washed with chaos to wash out the good attributes; there are many ways to play POE Currency, I I'm sorry to go to the mine. Where does the oil come from? Need to brush the master map, where does the picture come from? Sorry, need to wait and refresh randomly... In short, every action consumes rare resources. The last time I logged in and stood in the city, I thought for a long time. There are many things I want to do, but they all cost money, not money. I can’t do anything. A buddy in my friends list just set up a set of ten thousand blood normalizing, spent 5E+400C, hollowed out the family, and checked the POB, 300,000 DPS, but the cost is too high. .

May I ask which game that encourages the creation of BD will consume such resources? Imagine, if a set of cards in the Hearthstone group is fixed, it will consume Arcane Dust to change cards. If you save gold coins to open the card package, only white cards are available, and you can buy an orange card when you buy a package. I have to say that an insurmountable gap has been formed between free/light paying players and heavy krypton players. In 17173, some heavy krypton players are also teaching light krypton players how to build BD. While talking about ideas, The topic that can never be avoided is "cost".

POE is proud of various BDs, but in fact there are not so many. According to the version of 3.9, there are only 4 mainstream "games". The others are branch BDs, namely Summon Flow, Mine Flow, Knife Array, and Whirlwind. , Each BD of each profession is built around these 4 gameplays; there are no occupational restrictions, but due to the fixed gameplay, this breakthrough has not brought too many bright BDs. The so-called bright spot is the kind of " Fuck, can it be like this?! "It is more about how to pile up values, rather than creating a gameplay; referring to D3, although the big secret is criticized by people for a single restriction on BD, it is undeniable that every profession has every profession" "How to play", there are whirlwinds, multiple fires, ghost dolls, poison arrows, corpse spears and ice spears... At least the feeling of using the monkey king ice rush is completely different from the feeling of using the magician; whether there is in the POE Orbs How many sublimation professions, there are only those skill stones that are commonly used. The ones that are not commonly used can only be used to form an experimental and faith-based BD. At first, I thought that the elemental envoy was like a mage, but later I found that the golem was still used. I initially thought that the hunter would divide it. Survival hunting and shooting hunting, it was later discovered that it was either landmines or whirlwind, or normalizing with medicine knives. The characteristics of sublimation did not clearly distinguish the gameplay, forming a hundred flowers blooming. Instead, the gameplay limited skills and skills driven sublimation. .

The duration of my D3 game is about the same as that of POE Currency. Although D3 cannot be said to be on the list, it is also a collection of all professional BDs. For POE, I have spent money and time even a decent BD hasn’t’s the liver. Is that not enough? No, I don't want to spend any more money. Relying on piles of money in exchange for the qualifications and social capital of a game is too expensive for me.
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