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Hi I'm about to buy a chromebook but I cannot decide between

* HP 14" Chrome Book
* Asus c300 chromebook

processors comparison didn't gave me much clear answer

Intel Celeron N2830 vs NVIDIA Tegra K1-32 - System on a Chip Comparison

basically I'm a Web Developer an as stupid as it may sound I'll be using it to develop web-apps (ssh to VM and do stuff there). I'm also front end developer so I may use some features in future of OpenGL in HTML5 (Tegra
has support for it) yet Assus is lighter and the battery last longer

Tegra is quad core so maybe more performance ? (can anyone give me feedback on this I don't know much about processors in this area.) Yet it's ARM => some x86 architecture features I might play around won't be supported. (I'm geek and probably Ubuntu will end up on it when I'm tired of Chrome OS)

if it was pure design I like how HP is made + I want to connect to mobile broadband directly from chromebook (not just wifi hot-spot ) it looks like HP has ability to insert sim-card (is that true I'm getting confusing answers on google)

How about HD movis will both processors handle them ?

Any personal experiences welcome

Thank you for help
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