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HP a future Chromebook?

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I am just wondering whether a HP Chromebook is in the pipeline? I was looking at a certain sleek HP laptop and was picturing how a HP Chromebook would look like?
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I'm sorry, but I HOPE NOT!!! Apparently HP "bought-out" Compaq (YUCK!!!). Well, the only computing source I've had since last December is my daughter's new Compaq (YUCK!!!) laptop and I have been irritated ever since not only because it's a Compaq (YUCK!!!) but also because HP has pre-loaded this thing with SO MUCH HP GARBAGE:mad:!!! Talk about overkill!!! Never in a million years would I or my daughter use even a fraction of all the HP software/programs that have been pre-installed on this laptop. Did I mention OVERKILL? It's confusing to people like me who aren't so savvy in computer tech stuff to know which programs can be SAFELY removed in order to free up enormous amounts of wasted hard drive.

Oh, how I can't wait for my very own new Chromebook!!!
I understand the pain, especially when you have some pre-installed softwares which you have no idea of how to get rid of.

Either way, I tend to believe HP is a reputable company.
I like HP. Also HP & Compaq merged years ago and pretty much HP took over all of Compaq and does everything for it. HP just wanted a low end name that was already popular. If you look on the back of any Compaq it says "Manufactured and designed by HP." So if you buy a Compaq you are just buying a cheaper HP. Hp might not make a Chromebook because they want people to buy there WebOS which is dumb. But hope they do and I guess we will see.
I don't think there is a plan for an HP Chromebook. A couple of weeks ago I read something about them getting their own kind of tablet out that was meant to be competition for Chromebooks.
Google was seeking to topple Microsoft out of the computing landscape and all that remains to be seen, and all over sudden, Chromebooks are generating competition?

Does that mean Google has made its mark already?
I don't think we have officially seen the "Mark" Google plans to make. I think it is going to be more of a gradual process. At the same time, I do not think HP will ever really compete. Zora, they already have the HP TouchPad out. It is $499.99 for the 16 GB model and the sales figures have not been impressive.
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