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HP recently announced their revision plans for both of their existing Chromebook models, where delivery is expected this autumn. Their updated Chromebook 11 will be upgraded with an Intel Celeron N2830 processor instead of the slower ARM-based Samsung Exynos 525 processor which was running on their previous model. The laptop will come with a 16 GB SSD and 100 GB of online cloud storage on Google Drive. Depending on your geographic location, the models will contain either 2 or 4 GB of RAM.

The new Chromebook 14 is promoted with the new Nvidia Tegra K1 Quad-core processor, which is already running on Acer’s new Chromebook 13. Even though this processor is ARM-based, it is clocked at 2.3 GHz and promises better battery-life combined with higher GPU performances due to Nvidia’s 192-core Kepler GPU. In addition, the ARM-soc allows the fan, which many previous HP Chromebook 14 users complained about, to be removed; therefore the laptop is expected to be extremely silent as it also does not contain any optical hard-drive. As the Chromebook 11, the Chromebook 14 will be available in either 2 GB or 4 GB RAM versions. The screen of the Chromebook 14 can be upgraded to Full HD (1980 x 1080 resolution) and a touch-enabled variant is also expected to be available as one of the possible upgrade options for this particular model. In addition, the Chromebook 14 offers the possibility to be bundled with a larger SSD of 32 GB instead of 16 GB.

Expected battery-life for both models are up to 8-9 hours and both models can be optionally upgraded with 3G/4G broadband modules (subject to geographic location)

The Chromebook 11 is expected to be released on the 5th of October in the US for $279,99 as their starting retail price. The Chromebook 14 is expected to be released a few weeks later on the 22nd of October; kicking in on a slightly higher retail price of $299,99. In the EU only the Chromebook 14 is expected to be released at the end of October, with an expected retail price starting at €329,-

Both Chromebooks however have not been released yet and are presumably behind schedule.

For more information, visit HP’s newly launched Chromebook product page.
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