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HTML5 Programming: Chrome Book

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Html5 is the other half of the Chrome OS Software. There is really no where else on the Internet that has a good HTML5 Forum. If we as owners of Chrome Book are going to advance and improve we need this (Forum Header)! with post-able new threads here in this Forum.

Here is some code i put on a web page to open Gmail, not just mine but anyone who is login to there Chrome browser. It is two links: one to the location of the Gmail download and the other a layup off the browser to open your Gmail.


<a href="" title="G Mail" target="_blank"><img src="../"YOUR'photo/gmail.png" topmargin="0" width="50" height="50" /></a>



<a href="" title="Gmail Web" target="_blank">Gmail Web</a>


Here is the embed tag used to open a PhP or html page as an object with html5. One can embed a complete web site to run with in html5 with an SQL data base running in the background.

<embed src="siteToEmbed.php" width="572" height="300" />

This is how a link to a cache manifest is written:

<html lang="en" manifest="mainFd05.manifest">

This goes at top of the HTML5 page to makes it an HTML5 page:


HTML5 is a work in progress.
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I think the best resource for HTML5 is still Google Code [].

I'm also interested in using JavaScript and the Google Apps Script engine. []
O'Reilly has a lot of books on HTML5 and the Google App Engine. I bought:
"HTML5 Up and Running", Mark Pilgrim HTML5: Up and Running - O'Reilly Media
"Using Google App Engine", Charles Severance Using Google App Engine - O'Reilly Media
There's also a "Programming Google App Engine" by Dan Sanderson which I haven't bought yet; it appears to be a deeper look into App development. Programming Google App Engine - O'Reilly Media
PragProg's book is good if you're developing not only for Chrome but other browsers w/HTML5 support.

The Pragmatic Bookshelf | HTML5 and CSS3
The only way to get in to HTML5 is jump in and start writing in it. You will be using this link all the time. You will find stuff changes here that you can not find in books.

HTML5 link Tag

i am at
A html5 page embed in a web site with the Google search embed with in it. Also a line of Apps in the page which link to down load and to chrome web browser open one in to their on line account with the ( #home ) link. Thus opening G-mail, calendar, and Docs in seconds. the Chrome browser is used as the backboard to do the layup from the web page.

When you fill up the chrome browser or Firefox browser with links and apps you make it very slow.
1 - 7 of 7 Posts
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