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I'm still trying to learn Google Chrome

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There are so many things I like about Google Chrome, but on the other hand, it's hard to break away from things you are used to. I really don't like the way the bookmarks are set up on Google Chrome, but I suppose I could learn to live with it. Just wondering if anyone else has anything they've had a hard time getting used to?
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Why do you say that? I have more than 100 bookmarks and i am fine.
The one thing that struck me about Google Chrome was essentially its speed. Initially we had IE, then came Firefox and we all loved Mozilla. Now we have Google Chrome and it is just a matter of breaking away from what we are used to.
If it's browsing and surfing, Firefox is enough. But when I'm watching videos, playing games, and I have hundreds of tabs open, Google Chrome is the way to go.
Honestly, changes are not easy. Google Chrome Book is a HUGE change, if you think switching browsers is hard, think about switching operating systems. Still, change is inevitable and happens. Hopefully to make things better. I try not to stress out when faced with something new. Instead I try to have the wonderment of a child and throw myself in, not letting fear stop me from the future.
I have gone from the days of XP with floppies to ATs with the first Hard drives. Then from DOS to Windows. I cant believe this change will be any more challenging. Only something new and interesting - and about time!
I think the best way to adjust to change, is dive head-first in.... buy a chromebook, and ONLY let yourself use that machine for 2 weeks... write down anything you needed off your old machine, or that you couldn't figure out.... then after 2 weeks, grab those things off your old machine, and you should be a ready-to-go Chromebook user.

I think the worst way to change, is to sit their with 2 machines open.
is google chrome really much faster than firefox? ive used firefox for years and with fasterfox add-on i get great speed.
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