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I'm currently looking to replace my current windows OS laptop and am contemplating a chromebook. I've done a fair bit of research so am fully aware of the general pro's and con's.

Typical use of my existing laptop includes browsing the web, facebook, email and downloading/watching films. For these activities a chromebook sounds perfect however I have my reservations regarding the final two points, downloading/watching movies.

I am aware that chromebooks have a very highly rated torrent client in JTStorrent so downloading films shouldn't be an issue. My main concern is watching the video files. On my current windows OS laptop VLC media player is a joy to use and plays almost all video/sound formats. My question to you all is how good are chromebooks in this regard?
Thanks in advance!

PS the two chromebooks I am considering are:

TOSHIBA CB30-B-103 Chromebook 2 - Silver Deals | PC World
shame we cant get the 4gb RAM 1080p model here in the UK yet...

Acer Chromebook 13 13.3" Laptop - 2.1GHz, 4GB, 32GB, Google Chrome - NX.MPREK.003 - CCL Computers
Better specced than the Toshiba with 4gb RAM and 1080p screen! Maybe slightly less attractive than the Toshiba which has a slight MacBook Air vibe!

Which would you go for?
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