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I'm happy when they release any changes to the Chrome OS code. I just wish the releases were more frequent and profound and yes my Acer is on the Dev releases as where my Samsung is on Beta. Google is pushing the Chromebooks now to schools and company's but I still feel like the Chromebook is still in beta in some cases alpha. The speed of the OS for instance is defiantly a alpha type problem, yes the machine is only running a 1.6Ghz Atom processor but as a test I installed Ubuntu and I found out that these Chromebooks have a little pick up. Chrome is at least 5 - 8 times faster. Damn ….. as I'm typing this the text has to play catch up to my typing and I only have two tabs open granted I am using Google Docs to write this but that shouldn't matter. God for bid I turn on any streaming services. It's a shame to because I really like the idea especially as I'm a web programmer. Aaaah this thing is now becoming almost impossible to use, I closed Google Docs and now this is the only window open. Does anyone else have these problems they must because I have both Chromebooks, the Acer and Samsung and they both react the same. Man I have to reboot. Thanx for listening to my rant, I was originally just going to talk about how I was looking foward to the future of Chromebooks but I think this it's time to donate these things to a church.
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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