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Hi all,

I have an elderly person in the family (I am sure most of us do) and they want their device to be centrally managed because of their history of accidental errors resulting in data loss etc. We are trying to setup a Chromebook as a locked down device.

MDM (Mobile Device Management) used to be available with GSuite. When I tried to enable this, managing Chromebooks is now disabled on all pricing plans except Enterprise plan. They had budgeted for the Basic plan, so only the browser can be managed.

Supervised accounts used to be available with all Chromebooks. When I tried to enable this, it has been disabled and replaced with Family Link for children.

Family Link is installed. A second account is created to become supervised. When I try to enable supervision locally for the second account, "Can't continue in this app. You can setup supervision online." Fine - so I continue online, where I am prompted to login and "You can't supervise this account". That is unhelpful - is it referring to the owner account or the supervised account?

In either case I feel tricked by Google started out by selling ChromeOS as a secure platform, and then gradually eroding security features to force anyone who actually wants security onto the GSuite Enterprise pricing plan.

Please tell me I am wrong! Please tell me we can have a supervised account on this Chromebook, and indicate how to do this.

Many thanks!
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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