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Is the chromebook the sole tool to conquer Microsoft?

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I had the notion that Google might just need more than a notebook running on a Chrome OS to topple Microsoft? I could be duped but perhaps Microsoft is still leading the pack.
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Of course it does but we don't what chromebooks may offer in one year and there will a huge was because Windows 8 are coming next year.
It's a tool to attack Apple, IBM, Microsoft and VmWare.
Yeah, it is a step along a long journey. In my opinion the Google Chromebook is going to part of a larger plan that will change the way we understand computing.
Google wants to take over the internet business, that's obvious. Well, why not? They seem like they are a hip young company, and good luck to them!
Tell you what. I will cheer Google on if they take down Microsoft. Honestly, I think Microsoft kingdom should be invaded and destroyed by the new way of life. Does that make me cruel?
yes. Windows8 that's to be revealed next week might make you less want a Chromebook. lol
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