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Is this dumb or what?

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ISYS is suing Google claiming they have stolen intellectual property. I swear here and now that if this lawsuit stops the Chromebook for coming out in two days I will go to their head quarters and protest against them day and night. Who is with me?
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I am with you. That is stupid! They flopped so now they want a piece of the pie. Don't worry I do not think they can do anything in two days.
ISYS are a bunch of patent trolls trying to take advantage of a broken system. I doubt this will effect the release date, although I am curious as to why my order on Amazon still hasn't been processed after three days.
Droymac, do me a favor and start a thread asking that question. I would like to see if there is anyone else who is experiencing that. Could be interesting. As for ISYS, well they suck and are greedy pigs. I will join the protest Trees, it is a noble cause!
I spoke with an rep today who explained to me that nothing will happen until tomorrow, when they officially start shipping Chromebooks out. I also noticed that wasn't doing pre-orders yesterday. I wonder if they sold out of their pre-order stock?
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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