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In brief, ISYS Technologies wants Google to stop promoting it's computing devices running Google Chrome software as "Chromebox" and "Chromebook"

Apparently ISYS Technologies started using "ChromiumPC" a couple years ago to run Chrome OS or their own version of it. I wonder how this effect the devices from ACER and Samsung running the Chrome OS.

Patent management company Isys Technologies has sued Google and its partners for infringing on one of their copyrights.

The company claims that the terms ‘Chromebook’ and ‘Chromebox’ being used to market the devices running on Google’s Chrome OS are infringing on its copyrighted ‘ChromiumPC’ brand.

The lawsuit, which was filed in the United States District Court for the District of Utah in Salt Lake City, seeks a temporary restraining order that prevents Google from marketing devices based on Chrome OS as ‘Chromebook’ and ‘Chrombox’ and from launching them on June 15.

Google partners Amazon, Acer, Samsung and BestBuy have also been named in the lawsuit. Isys says that Xi3 has developed the Xi3 computer architecture that is used to create the Xi3 Modular Computer which are being sold as the ChromiumPC.

The company claims that it has tried to reason with Google over the copyright but Google has chosen to dispute the copyright, prompting Isys to file a lawsuit.

“We do not begrudge anyone the ability to create new products and take them to market, unless they infringe on our intellectual property. For more than 18 months, we’ve been using, marketing, promoting and selling ChromiumPC Modular Computers,” Jason A. Sullivan, president and CEO of ISYS Technologies, said in a statement on BusinessWire.

Read more: Patent Management Firm Sues Google Over 'Chromebox' And 'Chromebook' |
PC maker sues Google over Chrome PCs
Associated Press, 06.06.11, 05:20 PM EDT

NEW YORK -- A small computer maker and patent holding company, ISYS Technologies Inc., on Monday said it has filed a lawsuit against Google Inc. to stop it from marketing PCs running its Google Chrome software as "Chromebook" and "Chromebox."

ISYS's subsidiary Xi3 Corp. started using the term ChromiumPC for a planned PC running Chrome or its Chromium variant in 2009, it said. Google ( GOOG - news - people ) is now opposing ISYS's application for the "ChromiumPC" trademark because it would confuse consumers, ISYS said.

Efforts to resolve the dispute amicably with Google have reached "an impasse," said ISYS, which is based in Salt Lake City.

Google did not reply to a message seeking comment on the suit.

ISYS said it plans to have the ChromiumPC on the market this fall. Chromebooks from Acer Inc. and Samsung Electronics are expected to go on sale this month.

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I doubt google will loose this lawsuit due to the shier size and gross value of the company. As for if they do what will google do when they loose their chrome OS, also ideally Google took the name Chrome many years ago, like android when they were developing and bought some of the companies outright.
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