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I am experiencing what I believe are kernel panics (from my brief online sleuthing) on my new Series 5 Samsung Chromebook. I have had the unit for a week and have been using it exclusively as a litmus test.

The first few days it worked flawlessly, then a few days ago while watching Netflix I started getting message that the laptop was in developer mode, & that netflix would not work. (never have flipped that switch, and Netflix had been working fine for days).

With a restart, Netflix would resume working, however during playback, or other random usage (games, web browsing) the browser will freeze and prompt a restart. When the laptop restarts there is a string of text on the top left hand corner stating:

no human reasable MCD decoding support on this device

What is the issue and how can this be resolved? Do I need to revert to factory settings? In its current state, the laptop is not usable as it crashes within a few minutes use, especially with resource intensive programs / apps / webpages ect.
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