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First, running an ASUS Chromebook C302C, with Chrome Version 97.0.4692.77

This phenomenon just happened recently, I can't explain why... not a clue...
I saved a few JPG files from Google Photos to an existing folder on my Google Drive, (where I have over a TB of free space). I then tried to upload these files on a healthcare website, via the typical "Choose Files to Upload" button (that virtually any site might use). This website file picker could easily see my Google Drive, including the folder in which I saved the JPG files, but NONE of the newly saved JPG files were visible; only older JPG files from several weeks ago. I gave it a full 24 hours (in case there was a synchronization that had to happen... I don't even know if synchronization is even necessary), but today (more than 24 hrs later) I still can't see these newer JPG files.

Other facts:
I CAN see all files (including the new ones) directly via the Google Drive app on my Chromebook.
I CANNOT see the newer files via the Files app (which I believe is a Chromebook app?).... only the older files are visible.

Why would my Google Drive (with all the latest file additions) somehow NOT be visible to Files (or to the healthcare website I'm using)? It's as though I'm seeing a snapshot (prior to the updates), OR some other instance of the Google Drive, not the latest instance.

ANYONE HAVE A CLUE what's going on???

Thanks, appreciate any advice you might have. Many thanks, BobbyB
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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