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Google is putting on a great little world-wide-web scavenger hunt to win the right to get an "early" Chromebook pre-order in with Amazon. So far there have been some cool prizes!

Click here for the latest:
Google Chrome Blog: Live updates on the first Chromebook preview

or if you need help with the puzzles, visit our Scavenger Hunt thread:

Live Updates (latest at the top)

10:55am PT: Denver punk rock band the Gamits literally had their video for their song "Pieces" smashed into pieces to create "This Shell", a music video puzzle built in HTML5 that rewards fans with a free download of the song at the end -- if you can put the puzzle together before the song ends.

10:33am PT: Clue: Put the pieces of this shell together & we think you'll like the sound of it…if you can do it before the song ends.

9:26am PT - The first Chromebook preview location of the day is at Wantist, a fun place to shop for gifts designed with a clever "one-sentence interface": I'm looking for [something] for [someone] -- all built in HTML5, of course.

9:06am PT - Clue: For the artist, romanticist, whatever-ist in your life, get them what they WANT...

9:03am PT - Welcome to day 2 of the Chromebook Preview, where you can get your hands on a Chromebook early. With limited quantities of Chromebooks left, we're going to up the ante today and make it a bit more challenging to find the preview. Are you ready?

Tuesday, June 7

7:45pm PT - That’s all for today! Check out the slideshow below for a preview recap. We’ll be back tomorrow so stay tuned.

6:04pm PT - Addictive, challenging yet soothing are a few words we'd use to describe Sinuous, an online game built with HTML5 canvas. Avoid the red dots, and keep an eye out for the next Chromebook preview here.

5:05pm PT - The next Chromebook preview location is an HTML5 Experiment from 9 Elements which started as a performance study on how many particles a browser can calculate and display with a decent frame rate. Add in music and select quotes that contain the words "love" and "HTML5" and the end result is this beautiful, mesmerizing visualization. We love HTML5, too!

3:24pm PT - HTML5 meets the personalized music video in the Chris Milk-directed Chrome Experiment "The Wilderness Downtown". This project excited us because it showcased how the modern browser can change the way we experience music in a highly interactive, personalized way, and also frankly, because we love Arcarde Fire.
2:03pm PT - HTML5 is becoming the leading standard for the future of the web, and the HTML5 Readiness project compares the progress of the top 8 browsers in HTML5 support. See how far the browsers have come since 2008, and you'll also find the next Chromebook preview.

12:18pm PT - YouTube changed the way billions of people watched, shared and discovered videos, but what was the first video uploaded to the site? It's also the location of the next Chromebook preview, now live here.

9:28am PT - The first Chromebook preview is now open here. For the first stop, we’re taking you back to where it all began: Tim Berners-Lee’s original memo calling for people to help with his CERN-funded WorldWideWeb project. Look for a familiar icon which will serve as your entryway to the Chromebook preview. Each preview will only be open for a limited time before moving to a new location.
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