Google Chromebook Forums banner not working with chromebook

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I got the acer chromebook. and away and went ot use there are 3 verification steps and it will not pass the third.

I called logmein and put trouble ticket in. Support could not get it to work. I received an email this AM saying that logmein does not support chromebook. Ironic..since they are on the ad on this page.

I should have tried this before I left...but never thought it would be a problem.

now I cannot get to my laptop back home....ugh
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The primary reason I got the chromebook was to use logmein from any location, I then discovered that chrome remote desktop works better than logmein via chrome. At the same time I had no issues using logmein with chromebook.
logmein vs chrome

hmmm...I never thought to use chrome remote desktop. I will try that...I imagine I have to set that up with my laptop when I get back to it.?
I understand your frustration. You may want to consider a RHUB remote support server. It works well.
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