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I used the Netbook I had at night to look at the web and when traveling for general access. My primary non-browser program was Filemaker Pro.

I purchased the Chromebook to better work with my main computer when traveling, using LogMeIn - The paid version for $69.96. Essentially a one person business, I had been considering matching my desktop web design machine with a heavy-duty portable, and the Chromebook seemed like a good compromise.

My tips:

1. I set my main machine to 1280x800 resolution to match the Chromebook and auto-hide the left side task bar to save screen space. I close down all the programs and reopen them so they are full screen at the lower resolution.

2. I did not realize that the Chromebook has a full screen "function" key on top. Once clicked, the system works great.

I was also concerned about cookies and history with Chrome and the Chromebook, having used Firefox saving only a few cookies and eliminating the LSO's with BetterPrivacy.

I installed HistoryEraser and that seems to do the same on the Chromebook, plus using the guest login enables Incognito for any web browsing.


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Indeed. This all looks like good advice. After some experimentation with ThinVNC I'd recommend the same tips. By the way - ThinVNC for me has been patchy. It is free, easy to install and can work just fine, but I've often had it connect and leave me with a black screen.

How reliable has logmein been for you?

Also, you should be ok using an incognito window (CTRL+SHIFT+N) or just signing into your CB as guest if you want to ensure no traces are left. Personally I'd trust this method more than using an extension for everything.
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