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I do not care if the Acer C7's case is designed by Louie Vitton, Prada, or Lego. The price and what it can do is far better than any current computer system near this price.

Yes, I could use a Google phone, and maybe have more applications, but I like a keyboard attached to my screen, and with the dual boot capabilities and no Microsoft tax it is the best $200 you might spend on a computer system today.

Nice to see another computer in the market place without Microsoft's Secureboot, that has proved to be insecure. Makes it easier to dual boot this computer with the Linux of your choice.

As the cloud continually develops, this $200 coffee cruiser is the perfect lunch hour tool, better than a phone in my opinion. If you have a commute with uncapped WiFi access you can watch a movie, or Youtube Music Videos and dream about what MTV was like without obvious commercials, when its viewership was at the top.

Perfectly said!

Just picked mine up today, already tore it apart to explore and was pleased to find upgrade slots!?!! Immediately slapped in some more RAM, and ordered a bigger SSD for it. Like you said, best $200 I ever spent on a laptop. And yes, it does anything my laptop does that my needs require. If you are gaming on a laptop, you are just plain doing it all wrong to begin with, don't even mention gaming lol
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