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I purchased a chromebook over a year ago, and am fascinated by how much I can get done using mainly a browser. What I don't understand is why it is impossible to find a chromebook with a larger ssd.

These days it is almost unheard of that a smartphone come with less than 32gb drive, so why are so many chromebooks so limited? I can't even find a Pixel with greater than 64gb.

I would find it very useful to have a 128 gb hard drive for photos, videos, media etc. Why is it that the pc market is seeing such a flood of 1Tb+ traditional hds, while the sd market is lagging so far behind? I seem to recall headlines only a few years ago bragging about the falling cost of ssd, so why aren't we seeing this reality?

Imho, If google intends to make their platform competitive, then 128gb+ should be standard on anything $350 or more.:eek:eek
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