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Microsoft Response to Google Chromebook

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Has there or will there be a response from Microsoft about Google Chromebook, if so what was it, or do you think that it will be?
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LOL.... it will take Microsoft 3 - 4 years to respond to this.... and by then it will be too late. Story of their lives.
The sales kinda shifted to Tablets while the market for Netbooks kinda tanked.

I'd say ask the same question next year when Windows 8 is out.
they didn't really make any statements specifically about chrome OS but Steve Ballmer stated that Windows 8 will come out next year and be very different. Hinting at the fact it will be made for multiple platforms, and use a different interface.
They are probably waiting to see what the public response to it is, and to see if they need to get cracking on something better.
I have been waiting for Microsoft's response as well but I now hold the idea that perhaps they prefer action more than just mere talk. Probably Windows 8 will be much better.
1 - 7 of 7 Posts
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