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Monthly fee??

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I wonder if they have an option to pay a one-time fee instead of committing to a monthly fee? When my boss purchases for his business, he doesn't like having to do a lot of monthly things. He much prefers just paying once and being done with it!
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If you went to Best buy or Amazon to buy a Google Chromebook would you be missing out on anything that is included with the business package monthly fee?
I doubt you would be missing out on the business package monthy fee due to the fact you would need to order at least 20 of them, but if you bought them outright they will still update automatically and i think you could do anything you want with it and purchase and download your preferred software.
You can't purchase and download your preferred soft software. because you can't install any thing on Chromebook. Your preferred software runs off a web you go to with your chrome browser. Everything is online! The only thing that going to be updating is your OS and Chrome browser.

Your software [the app on the page] is running with scripts written on Web Page like JavaScript. Everything is using the http protocol to run the client side including the app.
Madiddy, as stated on Google's official Chromebook FAQs page...

With Chromebooks for Business and Education, you get the following:

  • Notebook computers - Chromebooks run cloud-based applications, browser-based apps that run behind a firewall, and virtualized apps through technologies such as Citrix. The Chrome operating system is installed on each Chromebook and is updated automatically. Chrome OS is a browser-based operating system built for speed, simplicity, and security.
  • Management console - Administrators can manage and set user, application and device policies for a large fleet of Chromebooks from the web-based control panel.
  • Support resources - Administrators receive 24/7 email and phone support, as well as access to the Google Enterprise Support Portal, where they can find answers to questions related to device and user policies and other Chromebook related topics.
  • Device warranties and replacement during the term of the agreement.
Google has done a great job posting information like this for anybody to see, I'm surprised by how many people aren't actually trying to look for it...
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I've got the same reply as everybody. Your boss doesn't have to commit for the monthly fee if he chooses not to. I think he will end up paying a lot less than paying monthly.
The monthly fee covers the management console and resources, I assume. Buying from Best Buy is going to mean a one-time price, but those things would not be included, correct?
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