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I have recently been given a lenovo 5i Chromebook for work. While being a bit apprehensive at first of moving to chrome os, I find it working really well for my work tasks. We have a usb c dock that connects 2 monitors via hdmi, we are all impressed how it just works

My main daily annoyance is that if I have a window on each monitor of the same app (e.g chrome) and i press the chrome icon on the right monitors dock, it asks me every time which of the 2 chrome instances I want. Even though there is only 1 chrome instance on that monitor. I have found a setting to isolate the shelf per desktop, but not per monitor. I am coming from Ubuntu, which has this functionality, so forgive me if this is not standard behaviour, but I really do miss it.

I also, find it odd that an application on the left monitor shows on the shelf of both monitors. I thought they are just clones, but I can see that they can be orientated differently from each other (side, or bottom). So I am hoping there is a setting to isolate the shelf to just show the apps on their respective monitor. Is this possible?
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