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I've been a Chromebook user for over a year (Acer Spin 713) with an external touchscreen monitor (DELL P2418HT) in extended desktop mode and have had no issues with touchscreen functions on either the built-in or external monitor.

I have recently added a second external non-touchscreen monitor (SE2417HGX) and run into an unexpected issue. (The new monitor is intended for displaying the other parties/presentations during video calls so touchscreen is unnecessary.)

The problem is that with all three monitors active, the touchscreen functions of the external monitor no longer work correctly. For example, if I try to drag something around on the external touchscreen monitor then the contents of my internal monitor move instead.

If I close the lid on my Chromebook it correcty shuts down the internal display, but if I now try to drag something around on the external touchscreen monitor, it is the contents of my other, non-touchscreen monitor that move!

Has anyone else had a similar issue and found a way to resolve it?
Does anyone know if this is a known bug and whether a fix is being worked on?

(The external touchscreen monitor is connected to the Acer's HDMI port with a seaparate USB-A connection for the touchscreen function. The non-touchscreen monitor is connected via a USB-C to HDMI dongle. The monitors display everything correctly - it is just the associated between touchscreen and monitor that gets messed up. The order of the displays as shown in Settings->Device->Displays is 'Built-in display', 'DELL P2418HT', 'SE2417HGX'.

I've tested it the other way around with the touchscreen monitor in the USB-C to HDMI dongle and the moment I connect the other monitor to the HDMI port the touchscreen capability of the external monitor behaves oddly as described above.

I've even made the external touchscreen monitor the primary display and still get exactly the same behaviour.)
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