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We've had a couple of Chromebooks to test. I'd like to buy a good quantity of them to deploy within our school.

However we seem to have got a snag. I've had our IT technician set them up with Google and we have the admin suite. He has created the 250 users as Google accounts.

I've added the apps that we want and tested it, with just me using it, it seems great. Everything we need to work, works well.

My profile is about 850MB in size.

My problem is that when any other user logs in, all the apps download to their login too. This uses 850MB for each person. They only have 32GB and we have 250 users so I can't see this working!

The technician came up with a solution but that was to wipe the profile when you log out. This doesn't really help though as that just means every login is slow and you have to wait for the apps to appear and it will kill the network as they all download nearly a GB of data on each login.

Is there a way to have a common base profile with the apps installed and then just have minor differences for each individual account?
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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