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I have Chrome Book XE303C12-A01US. Finally getting around to setting up various items.

I've installed the Google Play Main App, but can't manage to figure out how to download the Music Manager. I've been going round and round without success. I have a number of music files on one exterior drive, which I want to upload to my Google Drive. But to accomplish this I apparently need the Music Manager.

But I just can't determine how to download the Music Manager.

Any help will be appreciated. Thanks.

Loy Banks

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Why Music Manager???

I'm with you. I can't figure this out this what is the interaction of Google Play and Music Manager???
Read my thread on access problem from my desktop uploading.....can't not access for lack of an internet connection????
I've turned off my anti-virus and nothing helps.

Is this forum really working???

Is there no monitors helping???

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I'm the same in some respects...

I tend not to store music on drive, it takes too long to upload, but I can if I wish and have no problems doing so... It's a straight forward task...

My method is to put my music on a 32GB SD card (which takes up about as much space as a postage stamp) such being playable any time, any place even without an internet connection...

That serves me well... Job done...

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