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Is it possible to import itunes music to google music???
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Yes. You can even import iTunes ratings and playlists!
Got my invite this morning to music beta. got about 15 percent of my library (7,000 tunes) downloaded so far. You just point the music loader at your music folder or iTunes and it uploads the whole thing.

I've got it streaming to my ipod touch right now through a browser. Kind of cool.
Do I ever hope to get an invite sooner rather than later!
That is awesome. But I'm wondering how I will get an invite. Yesterday I was searching how to store my music online. I don't have an itune so I don't know if I can import my music nonetheless.
Cool! I'm glad that you can use iTunes, as that's my main music player and switching to something else would be annoying.

I don't have an invite either, modder, so I'm hoping right with you. :D
Just as a heads-up, Google Music does not currently work with the Chromebook. I assume silverlight or java are to blame but we're gonna have to wait for them to port their own website for their OS
I was wondering about the invites too..I applied for an invite the very day it came out, and since then have been WAITING...and waiting..and waiting. Finally, a few days ago I received the long-awaited invite. Google Music is awesome! Its everything you need in a music app..hope y'all get an invite too! I know you'll love it.
1 - 8 of 8 Posts
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