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A forum on anything? Don't have to talk about chromy topics? Really? Cool! O.K. Here goes: A little phrase/a whole book about my/your favorite anything.Let it rip.

Here's my first attempt:

My favorite possession: 1992 ducati 851 motorcycle. Not yet classic but certainly vintage, the bike that started the modern period of Ducatis. Makes your head spin and your heart sing, takes twenty minutes to get heart rate and adrenaline level back to normal after riding.

My favorite place: Offshore somewhere on a sailboat, in mid-passage, that means you haven't seen land for a week and it will be another ten days before the clouds tell you that there is land under that batch up ahead.

My favorite food: The Tuscan kitchen. As in Toscana, the heart of Italy. Not about fancy sauces and combining fifteen ingredients and five layers of procedure. Relatively simple dishes honoring the flavours of each ingredient, served in succession, not all at once. Nothing quite like a little restaurant where you don't have to read the menu. There is no menu. You choose meat, poultry or fish, all the other courses (five or eight of them) is what La Signora is serving tonight. Heaven.

My favorite wine: Chateauneuf du Pape Vielles Vignes. Old vines, small harvest but you can taste the soil. Champagne: Taittinger. Vodka: Standard. Beer: Coors, Corona, Spaten.

Favorite Superchick: Racquel Welch. (I'm giving away my somewhat senior age, but, to all you young studs, check her out)

Favorite dreamcar (if you could just have one, all expenses paid): Mercedes 300 SL Gullwing.

Favorite car movie: Le Mans with Steve McQueen and the volume way up.

Favorite band, live performance, top three: Grateful Dead, Portland, Maine. Frank Zappa, Rome, Italy. Pink Floyd, Munich, Germany.

Apologies here for the somewhat eurocentric bias of the list, I spent a good bit of time living abroad.

Favorite towns in the U.S, top three: Portland, Maine. Miami, Florida. Borrego Springs, California.

Favorite movie to watch over and over: The Usual Suspects. I'm up to forty or fifty times, I'm still finding stuff I never noticed.

Enough for now. Go nuts, this forum is wide open, lets make it the coolest place to hang out. c.

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Favourite car.. my series 1 Lotus Elise. It does 0 to 60 in 4.5 seconds and 35mpg. Cost £10k 6 years ago and still worth that now, and it can shame far more expensive metal on a track. It's no garage queen either.. I've personally driven it well over 100,000 miles over the past 6 years.

It's loud and raw and not everybody's idea of perfect transport (ask my wife), but it would be a boring world if there was such a thing.
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