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My Series 5 Chromebook Hands-On Review

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I just posted a full review of my experience so far with my new Chromebook. It can be read on my blog
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Question: (probably dumb, but...) without dedicated number keys, how am I going to do online banking?
There's a row on top of the letters. Or you could buy those external USB numbers keypads.
That was a very impressive review on the chromebook. And the webpage layout is cool.
That was a very impressive review on the chromebook. And the webpage layout is cool.
I completely agree!
Thanks for that review, and especially for the app tips at the bottom. I'd hope video playback improves with these It's not a deal breaker, but it would be nice to see better media results. The processor should be able to handle it.
Great review indeed. I always love to hear from people who have a first-hand experience with something because that way I am able to make an informed decision.
Great review indeed just cant wait till more reviews come out and see more perspectives! I agree with the video playback,, choppy videos is a real pain!
Your review of the Samsung Series 5 is excellent! I particularly liked the section on Storage and File I haven't really found much written on the subject of the File Shelf and External Storage folders. I also wasn't aware that the 16gb SSD is 100% accessible for storing data locally. Again, great review - and I'm looking forward to future Chromebook articles on your blog.
Great review! I hope you keep your page updated with OS updates and news!!
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