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When I add a bookmark to a folder on the Bookmarks Toolbar on Chrome it always places the mark at the bottom of the list. Since I have many folders with over thirty bookmarks and since my latest bookmarks are usually the ones I will be looking for soon, I have to manually move the bookmark to the top. A real pain. To place a bookmark I use the technique of right-clicking on the folder on the Bookmarks Toolbar and then clicking on "add a page".

Firefox had an add-on that placed a bookmark at the top of the list instead of the bottom. Anyone aware of a trick or extension to do this?

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As far as I'm aware, Chrome putting the latest bookmark at the bottom of the list, is a default setting and cannot be changed...

However, it only takes a couple of seconds to place the pointer on the said bookmark, hold down the lower left corner of the touch-pad and slide that bookmark to the top of the list, or anywhere in between for that matter... Then the job is complete and will not revert back... Simply click on the folder, single click on the bookmark and the required page will spring to attention...

Personally, I would expect the last bookmark I created, to be in the last position and that's where I always look for it... If you actually know where it's going to be anyway, how can that become such a problem...

Just curious that's all...


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