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Need new corporate email? free cash or cheap chromebook for you...

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I got this nice email from Google today:

Dear Russ,

You are a Google Apps user and we thank you for your trust.

We’re offering you the chance to receive a Chromebook, the new laptop created by Google that will change the IT at the office and at home. Chromebook is a the fastest, simplest and most secure computer on the market. To receive this complimentary laptop, all you have to do is to give us the contact details of a company (SMB) that is interested in Google Apps.

Once your referral places an order for Google Apps, I will send you a Chromebook.

(The company must comply with the following criteria:
1- SMB size (+50 employees)
2- Need to change their mail or collaboration system
3- Project before year end
4- A contact available to talk to us)

I'd be happy to split the loot if anyone would be happy to step forward.

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I don't know anyone currently, but that is a heck of a sweet deal!
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