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New problem on boot-up

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Starting a few days ago, my Chromebook's boot-up process has gotten messed up. Instead of getting the dark background and my avatar with a password entry box underneath, I get a white background and my avatar with my Google username displayed underneath -- no login box. In order to login, I have to double-touch my mouse-pad, which brings up the login box.

When awaking from sleep, I also get the white-background screen, although the password box is displayed.

This started after I ran out of battery while using it. When I plugged in the power supply and re-booted, the behavior first appeared.

Anyone else have this issue, and any tips on how to fix it, save reinstalling the operating system?
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It's not a problem, it's a feature. My Chromebook, and my parents', both changed to the new look on Thursday. I assume that everyone else's did too.
Interesting! But it's hard to believe that Google intended to make logging in at boot-up to be so counter-intuitive. It took me 10 minutes of playing around before figuring out that I had to double-tap my avatar!

Frankly, the new look is less visually appealing than the old one. Too much white space!

Do others have the "secret password" boot-up routine, too?
Like the features - Hate the new look

I liked the black boot screen with the Chrome design in the center, but the new boot screen, login screen, gmail, and Google Docs pages are ugly. The lack of color and pale highlights make the pages difficult to read. My husband thought I had screwed up the contrast, until I told him it was like that on his computer, too. Also, icons for apps are now giant and I can't figure out how to reduce their size. As you can tell, my gripes are aesthetic.

But not all is negative, I like the new App Store and the New Tab page (minus the giant apps).
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