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Linus really does like the Chromebook Pixel hardware - but then I guess he can afford it!
And why should he not like Chrome OS? It is, after all yet another flavour of Linux, in that it uses the Linux kernel. Like Android, and a whole slew of other Linux distributions.

Me, I don't get his enthusiasm for screen resolutions that I just cannot see.
720P and 1080P look very similar to me, even on a 32" screen less than 3 feet away.
4K displays (which are not 4K, of course) are just a way of parting fools from money.
Yes, my eyes are out of warranty!
720P on 13~14" screen seems to be a sweet spot for me. I can get close enough to see things without having to turn the head to see a menu.
This C720P is a tad too small for best results, needs to be a bit closer than is comfortable for typing to give the best view for me.
People do vary a lot in their preferred setup! ....and why not?
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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