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New SSD in chromebook

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I was just wondering if anyone has tried swapping out the stock SSDs that came with their chromebooks for a larger one. I have the acer one which has a 16GB mSATA SSD. What would happen if I were just to swap out the SSD with a larger one? Will chromeOS be completely gone?

The reason I am doing this is so I can dual boot in ubuntu and ChromeOS and I wanted a little more space for Ubuntu.
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I dont think the SSD can be swap-able i think its soldered-into the board if i recall you can see if anyone has taken theirs apart or look for a tear down on gizmodo for your chromebook,
I can't speak for the Acer or Samsung, but the SSD on the Cr-48 is an MSATA drive, which is attached to the motherboard with a screw, and connects through a ribbon connector. There is no inherent reason why it shouldn't be possible to swap it out for a larger MSATA SSD.
I dont think the SSD can be swap-able i think its soldered-into the board
for the Samsung Series 5 it look like on the CR-48 the SSD is swapable.
Take a look at the teardown at
Samsung Series 5 3G Chromebook Teardown - iFixit

the SSD direct (small version):

On the Samsung the 2GB Ram are soldered to the Mainboard. On the CR-48 the Ram seems to be swapable.

BTW: The 3G module is swapable on the Samsung (how about upgrading from WiFi to 3G....if there is a real SIM-Slot on the WiFi Mainboard)
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I dont think the SSD can be swap-able
it seems to be swapable, but not direclty a mSATA SSD.
Its seems to be a short SATA SSD like on this picture:

Picture 12 of 41 from Acer Chromebook Image Gallery

See also the thread
Just an update

Now I know this isn't a question asked a lot. but I had the same question and found the answer you're looking for (which is different than stated)

The SSD drive is NOT soldered and IS quite replaceable.

Follow the instructions here to replace it (I don't see much about WHAT KIND of ssd drive you can use) but you'll be able to figure out HOW to do it here:

In THIS video the guy is showing you how to "reseat your drive" ignore that part because he shows you exactly how to open it up (and you get to see everything you need not only to "reseat your drive" but also how to replace it if you wish to do so.

Has anyone done it? I bought mine for $30 a week ago and it's running ChrUbuntu with the chromeOS still intact (I think I should just wipe away the chromeos)

Here's the how to. installing 12.04 (which I know is two years old know) at least lets you "upgrade" to the latest apps.
Chromebooks and Chrome OS: ChrUbuntu 12.04. Now with double the bits!
It says on Ubuntu 12.04.5 LTS BUT all the apps (like chrome browser) and everything else update very nicely.

Giving you a VERY capable, and perfectly fast laptop (which I just leave in the car for when I need a laptop with 6 hours of batter life ;-)

It even has a GSM modem on it and if I can just convince T-mobile that it's a "tablet" they'll give me 200Mb/month free (and a small charge if I go over it)

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