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I am hoping that someone here can help with a very perplexing problem I have with offline google documents.

I am using a Samsung Chromebook (the base model I think).

When offline and I create a new google document I get the message across the top that the file has been saved locally.

If I then close out of that newly created document and go to the Files app, the file is not listed. It also doesn't show up in the offline Google Drive or Google Documents apps.

It just seems to have vanished.

But, if I use the search function in the program manager, or whatever its right name is, and I enter the file name, the document appears in the search results list and it opens in Google Docs.

But it is still not listed in Docs home and neither is it in Files or anywhere else. It, and any other newly created file, remains invivible until the CB is reconnected on line and everything syncs.


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Hi Rick... Have a different CB to you, but am trying to think of a solution that might help...

Having difficulty replicating your problem, what with trying to create a document when off line... Cannot seem to do that... But can I make a suggestion, which you may have tried, but on the other hand: you might not have...

When you've created your new document, click on 'file' and select 'Make a Copy'...

When the box opens, give it a specific name, then close the page... Open files and see if it is there under the new name... Then check that it's where you expect it to be at all times...

Google docs is somewhat complex in its operation and although 'IT' (that's the programme) knows what it's doing, it often leaves the operator at a loss as to what's going on... Yah sometimes have to think outside the box, to grasp the situation....

As a first step, give it a whirl and let me know how you get on....

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