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Hi, everybody,

I took a look through the postings but haven't been able to find what I'm looking for. I'm trying to watch a movie and have connected my Samsung Chromebook to an HDTV via HTMI. The picture is great. The sound, not so much. I have "Chromie's" sound to the max and the tv sound all the way up but I can barely hear it. Any ideas? Thanks a lot.

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Sound levels...

Not too familiar with sound systems NYBennie, but one thing that did cross my mind, was that on the telly, you may be tuned into some sort of HD or digital sound, when it needs to be stereo or even analogue of some sort, if it's coming from the Chromebook...

I had no problems with mine when I tried it, but my telly only has stereo, so there wasn't any hang-up's...

I'm sort of clutching at straws, just on the off-chance you'd not been down that road...

Sorry that I can't offer you a straight answer....
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