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I have a Samsung Cromebook.....
I'm having a lot of trouble getting Youtube videos to play. About 5% of the time they play normally. 20% of the time it plays the first 4 seconds then stops and I get the spinning wheel forever. The last 75% of the time is just a spinning wheel. Another odd thing is I get the same kind of thing on most Google pages. Like the google search page. The initial page will come up, but if I type something in the search bar and click enter, I get no results about 90% of the time. I've tried disabling extensions, plug-ins, incognito mode, etc. but nothing works. I have a chromecast and can cast Youtube to the tv just fine. It theres a page full of youtube thumbnails I can hover over a thumbnail and it'll play just fine but if I click then I just get the spinning wheel again. Any ideas?
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