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I brag all the time about you Google, and you went and did this. Help me understand why.

I bought a Acer ChromeBook because I just needed something for basic uses. I've had this CB for one day and now I'm finding it hard to keep it. My basic uses:

Web surfing.. check
Order Parts... check
Add music... un.. check:(
Print DOCs.... UNCHECK :confused:
* * *

Add a wireless printer to your home network, or use your office networked printer and print from the bed, couch, the local coffee store - fast food WiFi down the street, or your WiFi commuter train. Do not understand why you can not print!!!

To me this is the greatest priced computer on market at the moment that does not eat the electricity that would power a Nissan leaf. The Acer system you purchased will also run a full Linux operating system, without needing to pay a Microsoft tax, or hassle with Microsoft's horrid lock down consumer fraud insecureboot...

Google Cloud Printing - Chromebook or Phone compatible
Google - Cloud Print

Setting up a cloud printer is a much better solution for home networks and small business than needing to purchase a Win8 printer that does not work with Linux, MAC or WinXP. But I agree it is something we must do, if we want to print. Once you have Mastered this simple task of wireless printers you will begin wonder whyall printer do not have this ability when opening the box.

Please remember this is newer technology that is not well known, tis only a bit more of unlearning the Microsoft way or the highway.

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