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I brag all the time about you Google, and you went and did this. Help me understand why.

I bought a Acer ChromeBook because I just needed something for basic uses. I've had this CB for one day and now I'm finding it hard to keep it. My basic uses:

Web surfing.. check
Order Parts... check
Add music... un.. check:(
Print DOCs.... UNCHECK :confused:

I don't understand, why make a laptop that you have to have another computer with another OS to print files. Why make a laptop that you can't add software to? WHO IN THE **** DID YOU MAKE THIS COMPUTER FOR? Students? They need to be able to print anywhere and use different softwares. Business? Still need to print. Old People? Well maybe because you really can't do anything with this thing. When I bought this, I thought, a Google based OS, so I can use this with my android phone, download apps, share photos, etc. easily between the two, but you can't unless you sign up for this and pay for that. I'm so damn confused, what is the point of this? Now, if your saying, "if you don't like it, take it back" just shut up. That is not the point. Why did Google waste time on something that just gets online and boots up fast? Why take away some of the basic things of computers today? What was Google aiming for? Was the target on the ground?

Extensions are just good for Chrome Browser so no real purpose for a CB. Apps are really useless because its pretty much a web page link and just opens up another tab. There's no widgets so the desktop is just so you are put up a pretty picture. Icons on the bottom and bookmarks bar is pretty much the same thing. I think they are trying to be clever by making everything you do, opens Chrome but its not. I don't know guys, I'm not trying to be a cry baby. I'm just sooo damn disappointed. The Apple keyboard and mouse pad feel made it worst. I bought a $30 wireless mouse so I can right click... smh.
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