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Not Connecting to Wifi

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My Chromebook is connected to my network, but it will not connect to the internet. It is not a problem of the router/modem, we have tested this theory.

What settings and stuff does my Chromebook need to be set to? I called Samsung but they're so fast to depo the laptop, I can't even try to fix it over the phone. So I figure before I send it in, maybe someone else has had this problem.
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First, try to turn off then turn on again your Wi-Fi equipment. Usually that will solve the problem.

Next, turn off encryption on the Wi-Fi first to see if it will connect. If it does, turn on encryption again then try to connect again.
I had a very similar problem with my Acer Chromebook, where the "auto-obtain" IP-Address was continuously grabbing the wrong IP and I check the IP on another device that works, and change the IP on the Chrombook to that. That fixed the problem for me. =]
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