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Totally new to chromebooks, I do not even have mine yet. Very experienced with Windows however. I use a lot of user IDs and passwords for a lot of places. I am paranoid about my security, and only use a password maintenance programs (PC, Windows) that is offline - no password data is ever put on the internet.

I keep hearing about how secure my data is in "the cloud"; but unless I understand the OS, which I don't, I do not trust putting password data out there. I have no problem with other data, just not passwords.

Sorry about the long-winded-ness! :eek:

My Question:

Can anyone recommend a chromebook application for maintaining user IDs and passwords that ONLY exists on my chromebook and never puts any data on the internet? On my Windows PC I use Password Safe and love it.I see there is a "PassWdSafe" application at GooglePlay, but I cannot determine it if stores data on the internet. It SOUNDS like I might be able to turn off the cloud storage and only use local storage of data, but I can't figure it out from what I have read.

Thanks ya'll
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