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I hope I am in the good place for my questions...I have read some information about Chromebook and I want to clarify some points...
I have an old Sony Vaio laptop with Win7 , 2 SSDs in it (1 for the OS and 1 for the data) and an internal DVD burner/reader.

I would be interested in making this laptop a chromebook with following use:

- regular Office use such reading and creating files, saving them locally

- Itunes regular use and saving locally pictures from iphone

- e-mail with dedicated application

- DVD video reading, DVD burning

- regular files management (saving in local SSD, search, classification etc) office files, MP3, pictures video etc...transfer from Iphone or video camera, transfer files from USB key (from Windows PC to the Chromebook and vis versa)

- antivirus

Could you please let me know if chromebook once installed on this laptop will allow me to do all those tasks?

Thank you
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