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Two years ago I bought Chromebooks for my wife and myself, and in general I have been very pleased with this choice.

But I have one problem that many other users have complained about - I can't find a decent photo editor for my Chromebook that has a bit more features, than the standard Google Photo editor offers.

Snapseed is one of the better choices and it works OK on a Chromebook, but it is clearly made for Android devices and photographers that stick to their phones taking snapshots and casual photos of family, friends, travel etc.

Then I bought a premium license for Pixlr, which is a well known online editor. But if I upload photos to Pixlr and uses the advanced Pixlr E editor, then my chromebook crashes due to lack of memory - I am using a 8GB Asus chromebook.

Pixlr offers their more simple editor Pixlr X as an app and that works fine, but it again lacks some of the functions you use a lot for landscape and nature photography. This app is the best option, that I have come across.

I have today written to ACDSee and tried to ask their Product Management, if they could see a business case in offering their ACDSee Home editor for Chromebooks. That might be a really good business case for them.

Any other suggestions?
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