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Hi all

I tried installing unbutu with crouton so I can have the duel mode without rebooting. however it didnt work once i was in unbutu when I pressed ctrl,alt and arrow it went to unbutu no problem but when going back to the chromes os it only went into the terminal mode and couldnt find the os system.

So I give up on that Idea and tried the other way, partitioning my drive for unbutu and then installing unbutu. However an hour later it wasnt complete and was looking what you need to do to go back and forth between unbutu and chrome os. I found that not ideal. well I learnt the hard way, So I give that idea and reboot my system back to normal.

MY question is I am presuming that my drive is still partitioned? before I try and find out how to put it back to normal, How do I find out how to see if it is at all partitioned. I have tried looking on the net, I can only find how to partition it and not how to view if you have or not.

Any ideas please? if it is any good step by step instructions on how to get it back to normal

many thanks

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Checking the hard drive...

Good morning Viking...

Not very well up on these matters myself, but (and you may have tried this) a thought struck me, that if you go to Google drive, up in the top right hand corner of the opening screen, there's a cog-wheel on the left of the three items, that shows you the amount of memory that remains available... I would have thought that might have shown whether or not the drive was partitioned... If that is all you want to know...

As previously said, you may have tried that already... If so ~ just ignore the suggestion...


Robbie D....
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